We do not currently have an open position, but we are always interested to get to know potential candidates in the fields of writing, editing, video creation and programming who are enthusiastic about travel in Japan and interested in a possible position in the future. We are located near Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, and have several office cats.

If interested, please fill in the questionnaire below:
(please submit the questionnaire only once)

1) Please enter your full name:

2) Please enter your e-mail address:

3) Please select your gender:

4) Please select your age:

5) What is your nationality and where do you currently reside?

6) Have you ever resided in Japan?

7) On what status are you currently residing in Japan?

8) Are you willing to reside in Gunma Prefecture for a prolonged period?

9) How long do you plan on working for mtw69.com, assuming things are good?

10) Added up, how much time have you ever spent as a tourist in ...

a) Hokkaido

b) Tohoku

c) Kanto

d) Chubu

e) Kansai

f) Chugoku

g) Shikoku

h) Kyushu

i) Okinawa

11) How are your Japanese conversation skills?

12) How are your Japanese reading skills?

13) What other languages do you speak? (please indicate skill level for each language listed)

14) How long have you known mtw69.com?

15) Of the following, what is the highest education level you have completed?

16) What is your current occupation?

17) How are your photography skills?

18) How are your photo processing skills (e.g. Photoshop)?

19) How are your video production skills?

20) Would you be interested to act as a host of some of our videos?

21) How are your programming skills (php, javascript, css)?

22) How big is your interest in...

a) Japanese food

b) Japanese history

c) Japanese religion

d) Japanese popular culture

e) Japanese traditional culture

f) shopping

g) trains

h) geography

i) onsen

j) hiking

23) Do you hold a valid driver's license? If yes, in what country was it issued?

24) Do you have any dietary restrictions?

25) Are you allergic to cats?

26) Links to some of your writing samples (blog etc.):

27) Links to some of your photo samples:

28) Your School and Work History

29) Why do you want to work for mtw69.com?

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