This web site exists since July 2, 1996. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive, up-to-date information on traveling in Japan, first-hand from Japan.

青鱼视频自拍qyu6-Stefan Schauwecker

  • Webmaster
    Stefan Schauwecker grew up in Zurich, Switzerland and met his interest in Japan when studying in Vancouver, Canada. There, he founded in 1996 before moving the website's operation to Japan in 2003.

    秒拍福利100视频-Raina Ong

    Staff Writer, Editor
    Raina is a writer for She grew up in Singapore and lived in Australia before moving to Japan in 2007 where she got trapped. Food is never far from her mind and she loves checking out restaurants across the country. After conquering all 47 prefectures, her current goal is to visit as many islands and peninsulas in Japan.

    秋霞电影高清无码-Joe Mignano

        Web Developer, Designer, Staff Writer
        Joe is a web developer, designer and staff writer for Originally from the United States, he has been living in and exploring Japan since 2010. After visiting all of Japan's 47 prefectures, Joe has set his sights on summiting all of Japan's mountains over 3000 meters tall (and sharing some of the experiences here), and is always searching for the perfect post-hike (or snowboarding) onsen. Joe is based out of beautiful Nasushiobara City, in Tochigi Prefecture.

        青鱼最新视频地址-Sam Evans

        Staff Writer, Editor
        Sam grew up in Manchester, England and came to Japan for the first time to live in 2012. Falling in love with the Kansai region where he was originally based, he spent the first few years exploring western Japan before moving to the east in 2016. A big fan of food and history with a general inquisitiveness towards trends and subcultures, Sam is happiest when exploring Japan's many metropolises, where he enjoys getting lost searching for cool neighborhoods with hidden gems of eateries and good craft beer bars.

        ae86在线福利防和谐-Andrew Marston

          Andrew is a videographer for He grew up in Maine, USA and first visited Japan in 2006. In 2011 he cycled the length of Japan, but now prefers travelling by shinkansen. He enjoys taking sunset timelapses, making motion graphics, and eating Indian food. To the dismay of his co-workers he often reads terrible puns on the internet and says them out loud in the office.

          ae86在线福利防和谐-Charles Sabas

          Charles grew up near Paris, France and moved to Japan in 2014 after a two week trip where he fell in love with the country, the people and its traditions.His interest for Japan started after watching the Ozu Yasujiro movie "Tokyo Story", and he has since developed a passion for Japanese old movies. Charles is a "travel for food" type of person, and enjoys bonding with the locals at an izakaya around a delicious meal and with some refreshing beer.

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